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Scholarship & Costs

What does the scholarship include?

A soccer scholarship enables you to study at a US-College (Bachelor/Master) while competing under professional conditions – both academically and athletically. A 100% scholarship is worth about 25.000 $ to 40.000 $ per year. That amount covers not only tuition, fees and books, but also room and board. The only thing needed in addition is a little pocket money. You can also receive an academic scholarship at the US institution of your choice depending on your GPA (Abitur). Again, Vista Athletics will guide and support you through all these processes.
The amount of your scholarship depends on the following components:


The academic qualifications for a study in the US do no differ greatly from the premises in Germany. You either need a general higher education entrance qualification in Europe (“Abitur”) or an Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (“Fachabitur”).
Since we only want to implement quality players within the college teams, it is recommended that you competed at a U19-Bundesliga level. If you are playing for a team in the 2nd highest division right now, you should play for minimum one year in the U17 or U19 Bundesliga. If you already play on seniors level you should play at least in the 5th highest divison.
If you play at a lower level then you’ll be a candidate for our partner agency UniExperts.

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Registration Period

The ideal time to sign up for Vista Athletics is one year before you wish to begin studying in the US. The fall semester usually starts in August. All for-malities – SAT/ACT, TOEFL, translation of your transcripts and registering for the NCAA should be done 8 months ahead of your departure.
After you have provided us with enough footage, we will produce your personal highlight video and upload it to your profile in our portal. Interested coaches will contact you in order for you to join their school and team. After you made your decision, the coach of your prospect school will send you the National letter of Intent.
The recruiting process lasts normally from the mid of november to april (if you start studying in august). Your last step towards your college-experience is to apply for a Visa and get ready for Preseason!

Fixed Costs

Here is a list of any administrative costs. Only the application fee includes services from Vista Athletics. All the other services are for the tests, the translation of the certificates, the VISA and the NCAA clearinghouse.
As we know, bureaucracy can be difficult at times, we support you with all the formalities (including VISA Application etc.). We help you to register for the tests and provide you with a study guide. Additionally, we cooperate with a state-approved translator who takes care of your high school transcripts.


Only if you accept a place of study a commission is due for payment. It is an annual payment (each including added value tax) – distributed over the whole peroid in the US – with the following amounts:
  • 2.000 € at the beginning of your study
  • 1.500 € at the beginning of your second academic year
  • 1.000 € at the beginning of your third academic year
Your advantages – if you decide to terminate your study abroad, all future rates will be omitted. Also, a free school transfer is included, if you are not satisfied with your first choice. We will support and advise you throughout your whole college experience including any potential issues and if requested will put you in contact with summer league coaches as well.


If you would like to do a master’s program in the USA or Canada, we have a single payment model of 2.500 € (including added value tax).


If you are already studying in the USA or Canada and you are looking for a new challenge, we provide a transfer for you. For more information fill out our application form. The payment for a transfer amounts to 1.500 € (including added value tax).
As a transfer, you do not need to take the tests again or apply for the visa once more. There is also no administration fee II.

Additional costs

The additional costs include possible costs for insurance and flights, etc. They can vary greatly depending on the university or may not be incurred in some cases. For health insurance, you should expect costs of around 1000 € per year. For the outward flight at the beginning of your studies as well as the return flight at Christmas or during the semester break, approx. 400 – 800 € are charged.